Thy Will Be Done

(Official Music Video) "So Many Reasons"

Get to know us


The Purpose

It is the Holy Spirit's job to convict, God's job to judge and our job to love. RodandKita fully embraces this notion, and serve as vessels of God while carving out their brand of sacred Christian Rap. While their passion for music is to inform, instruct and transition people to a place of knowing the word of God, their music also encourages believers to become in good standing with their Lord. 


The Calling

For those are yet to believe, RodandKita welcome them on a journey of self-discovery. As the name suggests, RodandKita is a joint venture between Rod and Kita, a married couple who are in complete oneness in all that they do. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, their unwavering partnership sees Rod take the reins as producer, songwriter and visionary for the group, while Kita oversees the broader direction of the music. While their beginnings were rooted in secular music, their direction now sees them fully lean into the Holy Spirit as a manifestation of their current sound, motifs and themes.  


The Gift

They also cite King David and the book of Psalms as having a pivotal influence on shaping their sound, and is echoed across their work. Sonically, RodandKita’s music combines melodically rich textures and spiritually engaging lyrics that are supported by a signature ‘bounce’ in their rhythms that keep people on their toes. Above all, it’s heartfelt and spiritually encouraging music that aims to spread the good word of God. For them, “the spirit of God dwells in our hearts and it transitions into our music”.